What Does a Professional Organizer Do and Why Do You Need One?

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Organizing Your Home

Are you tired of looking for the things you need without being able to find them or of always feeling that certain things don’t belong where they are? Then you probably need a professional organizer, someone to guide you through a thorough physical and mental cleaning not just for you but also for your loved ones. 

A professional organizer, also called home organization consultant, helps you identify, adjust, and implement the organizing principles and processes that work best for you, your family, and your home. They teach you how to take control of your surroundings, of your time, and of your life. 

The very thought of discussing your intimacies with a stranger or inviting them into your home is probably scary but you should chase away any fear and embarrassment. Professionals don’t judge their clients, they listen to them, guide them, and help them exceed their own limits or barriers. 

This is especially true at North Penn Cleaning Solutions, as our company has a long history providing professional organizing services and helping Lansdale, PA homeowners organize their homes and lives through our Family Citizenship and Involvement course taught by a professional organizer.

A young woman organizes her own room The closet looks organized after the professional organizer services The closet is tidy after the course by a professional organizer


Why Choose Our Professional Organizer Services and Classes?

Our company offers professional organizer services to groups and families trying to bring order into chaos and maintain it. Besides interactive classes on the best practices to cleaning and maintaining homes clean, our organizing services include home visits. 

In other words, we come to your home, inspect it, and teach you how to approach and organize the cleaning in order to get all household members involved, improve, and maintain results. Another part of our professional organizer services covers the best cleaning tools and supplies to use. 

Perhaps the most important part of our home organization services is the discussion involving all group or family members. During it, we establish tasks and responsibilities for all members, put together cleaning charts and schedules, and create an accountability system where every household member answers for their actions or lack of them.

Stop Searching for “Professional Organizer near Me” and Take Control!

Aren’t you tired of searching online for “professional organizer near me”, paying for temporary services, and ending up in the same mess? If you want to change something, you will find the help you need at North Penn Cleaning Solutions, in Lansdale, PA. Give our course a chance and you will never again need to search for “professional organizer near me” or similar phrases online, we promise!


We had North Penn Cleaning do a one time deep clean in preparation for a party. I coordinated the cleaning with Farnaz, and she was excellent. She was very quick to respond...
Kate Davis
We have had them in twice. Both times we were impressed! We will be having them come on a regular schedule.
Sandi Viscusi
North Penn Cleaning solutions did a spring cleaning today and our house looks fabulous. They were friendly, polite and most of all very thorough and detailed in the cleaning.
Danielle Niblick

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Gallery with our work
Gallery with our work
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