Decluttering Your Life Begins with Your Mind

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Does decluttering your life seem impossible and the results of your cleanups fade away within hours or days? Perhaps it’s time for a mental cleaning as well. Sometimes, the things we do reflect how we feel more accurately than we realize it. 

Research associates clutter with stress, which, in turn, affects every facet of your life. Simple things take longer to complete, you can no longer enjoy life, you start producing less and spending more. 

Sure, you have the occasional wake-up call when you do some cleaning and try to get your life back on track. However, you somehow end up sliding on the same path, in the same clutter that keeps growing from one day to the next. 

What can you do? Seek help! Decluttering your life begins with your mind. You first need to come to terms with your situation, understand its causes, and then take baby-steps to get out of it. North Penn Cleaning Solutions can help. With our decluttering class and services, you can get your life back on track in no time.

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Why Choose Our Decluttering Services and What to Expect? 

We’ve developed our decluttering services to answer the needs and requests of our clients. They wanted more than just a professional declutter specialist doing the work for them. They wanted to learn and apply the basics themselves, to regain control of their homes and of their lives. So we started a class on the subject, taught by a professional declutterer, which:

  • Helps you visualize your decluttered home, describe it in your own words, and plan how you want it to look and feel for you and your loved ones. 
  • Discusses your intentions for specific spaces in your home and the obstacles preventing your from turning them into reality. 
  • Helps you find ways to eliminate the obstacles that you and your loved ones face when it comes to keeping your home clean and decluttered.
  • Supports you in designating spaces and routine tasks for each family member.
  • Teaches you to differentiate clutter for important memories and belongings. 

Turning to decluttering services is nothing to be ashamed of, but continuing to live in clutter when there is an easy way to organize your life is. Start regaining control of your life now!

Get the Best “Decluttering Services near Me” from North Penn Cleaning Solutions!

Stop searching for “decluttering services near me” online and start decluttering. At North Penn Cleaning Solutions, we’ve helped many Lansdale, PA, homeowners bring order into chaos. We can help you too. Call 267-218-8895 or send us a message to find out more about our offer! You will never again need to search for “decluttering services near me”, we promise!


We had North Penn Cleaning do a one time deep clean in preparation for a party. I coordinated the cleaning with Farnaz, and she was excellent. She was very quick to respond...
Kate Davis
We have had them in twice. Both times we were impressed! We will be having them come on a regular schedule.
Sandi Viscusi
North Penn Cleaning solutions did a spring cleaning today and our house looks fabulous. They were friendly, polite and most of all very thorough and detailed in the cleaning.
Danielle Niblick

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Gallery with our work
Gallery with our work
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