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There is a lot of research suggesting a positive relationship between a clean house and mental health. A study carried out by Nicole R. Keith, Ph.D., of Indiana University, established that individuals with tidy spaces are healthier compared to those with untidy surroundings. Staying organized is not easy due to many factors, among them being that you are busy, have too much clutter, or simply forget what it feels like to be organized. That’s why you need professional cleaning services. At North Penn Cleaning Solutions, we offer superior mental cleaning services that will change your life for the better.

Another study published in a mindfulness journal found that individuals who engaged in stress cleaning experienced a 27% decrease in anxiety and a 25% boost in “mental inspiration.” Clean spaces are great for mental cleaning!

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Why You Should Consider Our Mental Cleaning Courses

Mental cleaning courses and home organization help outline the importance of cleaning your spaces for your mental health. During the courses, we explain to our clients the main details of cleaning their houses. We also cover the challenges you may face and educate you on the particular areas of your house that require the most attention. We also partner with psychologists and therapists to discuss with you the importance of a clean house, positive mental health for you and your family, and how cleaning can reduce your stress levels.

Through our mental cleaning courses you will get the home organization help that you and your family need to keep your home clean without spending too much time.

Benefits of the Mental Cleaning Program 

There are many benefits to cleaning a house. One major benefit is it will positively impact your mental and physical health. If your home is a mess and that is negatively altering your mood, it’s time to join our mental cleaning program and change the direction of your life. 

Having a clean house produces a sense of clarity, accomplishment, serenity, and happiness. But, keeping a clean and organized house can be overwhelming, especially if there is too much clutter. If you need help cleaning and organizing your residential or commercial spaces or you want to join our mental cleaning program, reach out to North Penn Cleaning Solutions. We are passionate about creating fresh, orderly spaces for families in Lansdale, PA to live in. Call us today at (267) 218-8895.

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