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I want my house to shine

North Penn Cleaning Solutions is the fastest growing service in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We are a family owned and operated cleaning and organizing company that caters to residential and commercial clients in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties. We occasionally will travel to New Jersey and Delaware as well (contact us for details).

Our expertise lies in providing a customizable and specialized cleaning program to meet the needs of all of our clients both commercial and residential.

Better Training Create Happier Clients

Years of teaching have taught me that neat and simple spaces generally promote clarity, calm, and balance. To say the least, this company is passionate about providing orderly, fresh spaces for you to live in, your employees to work in, and your customers to shop in!

At North Penn Cleaning Solutions, our teams are trained in using a systematic approach to caring and maintaining properties.

Our expertise lies in providing a customizable and specialized cleaning program to meet the needs of all of our clients.

Realtors and property managers utilize our services to prepare their spaces for listings, move ins and move outs. Collectors and pack rats love that we provide a gentle and respectful manner of clearing out or organizing their possessions.

What Makes Us Unique
We approach each job with the attention and care specific to the needs of each individual client
Checklist provided prior to beginning each job, so expectations are crystal clear
We expect to be notified if a job or task is lacking in any way and we’ll be out there to fix it immediately
Constant phone, text, or email communication about when we arrive and when we are leaving
Carefully chosen supplies and tools that allow us to complete each job effectively and efficiently
We use environmentally friendly products and are always mindful about smells or sensitivities you have

8 Tips For Hiring a Potential Cleaning Service

  1. Are they asking about what YOUR needs are or are they only talking about what THEY can or will do. If the company representative is not listening to your needs, chances are, they’re not going to address them.
  2. Is the company licensed and insured and/or bonded? Ask to see proof of that and make sure your company’s name is listed on it. A good company will provide that information without being asked.
  3. Communication: Who will your main communication person be for questions, and concerns? When and how are they accessible?
  4. Ask to see references or testimonials. Without fail, CONTACT the references! If the cleaning business has an online presence, see what their reviews are.
  5. Who are the cleaners that will be sent to your facility? Are they always the same cleaners? Who is the lead cleaner? A company with has a high turn-over rate may be a cause for concern.
  6. Does the company bring in their own environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and equipment? Are they willing to use cleaning products that the facility prefers?
  7. Do they have a satisfaction guarantee and a stated cancellation policy?
  8. Do they conduct a background check on their employees?

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